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7th - 11th June, 1947 - First case since the move and Ron continues his Arabic studies...

Saturday, 7th June, 1947
This afternoon Ryan McShannon & I walked to Tubas a matter of 5 miles along the very bad road which runs past the station to Jenin.
The village is quite large with some quite well built houses but the roads are very poor.

Sunday, 8th June, 1947
I spent the day learning Arabic.  I started to study how to write it today but I fear it will be a long time before I achieve very much in that direction.

Monday, 9th June, 1947
The first case reported to the office since I have been here came in this morning from the A.D.C. who reported a farmer only notifying the tax recorder of his ownership of 5 out of 8 cows.  Not a very  important case but something.

Tuesday, 10th June, 1947
Nothing to do in the office today but learn Arabic and straighten my messing accounts.

The mess is showing a profit up to now which is quite good for a small establishment.

Wednesday, 11th June, 1947
I learnt more Arabic today otherwise there was very little work.

4th - 6th June, 1947 - Very little crime at Tubas... but Ron hopes that will all change soon!

Wednesday, 4th June, 1947
This Post is apparently in control of a very crime free area there being seven cases reported last month.
We rather suspect the Moktars are not reporting crime & in the contraband section which is common knowledge, bribery & corruption has set in.

We are hoping to get quite an amount when the Patrols start out.

Mr Middleton came down today to look around the station, he found it to his liking.

Thursday, 5th June, 1947
Mr Proud D.S.P. has gone to Jerusalem so Nablus breathes more freely now I suspect.

Mr Tatum in the grand procession of inspections we are expecting the station to receive, came down this morning.

As is typical of him when he is pleased he passed little comment.

Friday, 6th June, 1947
We have been getting up early every morning this week.

I have been going to the office but there have been no cases so there has been very little to do.

I helped the corporal to make up his weekly returns then I balanced my mess accounts.
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