Glossary and Abbreviations

I'll add to this list as things come up but don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions...

Alhamdulillah or Alhumdillila - Arabic phrase meaning "Praise to God"

A.S.P. - Assistant Superintendent of Police

B/C and B/C"I"  - British Constable and British Constable Intelligence

£P - the Palestinian Pound - currency introduced by the British.  £P1 = 1000mils

P/Cpl  - Palestinian Corporal

T.A.C. -  Temporary Additional Constable - local officers drawn predominantly from the Jewish community

T.J.F.F. - Transjordan Frontier Force.  For a full history of this force follow this link: Transjordan Frontier Force

Taggart or Tegart - The concrete fortress style police stations designed by Sir Charles Tegart
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