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22nd - 25th April, 1947 - Boredom, sunburn and a little nostalgia for Ron...

Tuesday, 22nd April, 1947
I was on convoy today.  Nothing very exciting happened during the run which perhaps is all to the good.

The sun caught my arms and knees and made them slightly red.

 Wednesday, 23rd April, 1947
For the second day in succession I was on convoy today.

Thursday, 24th April, 1947
This morning I went with two other chaps to the court with 5 prisoners.  We spent all the morning in the court.  Some of the time was very interesting but as the trials were in Arabic we could not follow very much.

From mid-night until 6am this morning I was on Prowler guard.  I heard Midnight in Frankfurt, reminiscent of Tatsfield days.[1]

In the afternoon I was on guard in the West Tower overlooking the cricket pitch.

Eric Carter was playing & bowled 4 out.  I chatted with him & he tells me he is not going back to the corporation.

[1] Before signing up to join the Palestine Police Ron worked at the BBC Engineering Measurement and Receiving Station in Tatsfield.  I don't recall much of what he told us about this except 'heterodyne' whistles being the high pitched tone you might hear when listening to the radio... oh, and playing Chess with other radio operators in far flung places.

19th - 21st April, 1947 - Ron contemplates his career, goes hiking and finds out about local pests...

Garden of Tubas Police Station, 1947
Saturday, 19th April, 1947
This morning I went as escort to Inspector Coles on an inspection of Tubas Police Post.

On the return journey we conversed on many subjects & I asked him what chances there were of getting “I” (investigation) Branch.  He said there was a vacancy in Urban & that if I wrote an application he would speak to the A.S.P.

Sunday, 2oth April 1947
A lovely day today.

I was not called out for duty today so this afternoon Barclay, Bicknell, & Roe & I went for a hike which was more like mountaineering as we climbed the mountain behind the Station.

Monday, 21st April, 1947
I went as escort to a taxi this morning with us went the paymaster to a series of teams of men scattered between Tulkarm & Jenin who are destroying Locusts.  They told me a little of their work which I should think was very interesting.

A locust’s life can be split into 6 distinct parts.
The eggs are laid in a hole excavated by the parent 12 cms deep & 2 wide.  She deposits about 100 eggs which are long and thin, about 1 cm in length.  These hatch in about 20 days time.  The newly born locust is wingless.  After a few hours these turn black & continue to shrink in size.  They then in the third stage get yellowish stripes & begin hopping about after food.  During the following stagesthe locust gains colouring, wings & size.  They are destroyed, by Gammaine poisoned bran as bait, in the first three stages.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

17th & 18th April, 1947 - A potential prison riot and another trip to the dentist...

Thursday, 17th April, 1947
The weather continuing pour (sic) changed to rain this morning so that we had to wear our great coats over our K.D.

A prisoner died a quite normal death in the Nablus prison this morning but one or two of his “lifelong” pals did not think it was natural & voiced their opinions, the A.S.P. of the Prison called in the Police as he thought a riot might ensue but nothing happened during the hour we were in the Prison so we left about 10.30am.
It has been a wrotten (sic) day all day but the rain is definitely what is needed for the fields.

Friday, 18th April, 1947
The weather became much brighter today after the wet spell.

I was not called on for duty so as it was still a bit blowy out I remained in the Barrack room.

In the afternoon I went to the Dentist & had two more teeth filled.  The equipment he has is very modern.  He told me he was trained in France.

Friday, 3 May 2013

14th - 16th April, 1947 - As they change to warm weather KD's the weather takes a turn for the worse!

Monday, 14th April, 1947
The first of the now regular parades took place at eight this morning on the ménage by the station.  We all paraded in our K.D.’s for the first time.  Khaki shirt with silver buttons, khaki
I'm sure this nis not really the style of Khaki Drill Uniform
 that Ron would have worn - but it gives the general idea...
shorts, boots, stocking tops & blue puttees.  After the parade we were told of a magazine booby trap recently found left by Jews.  I then went to the lock up elected two prisoners & took them to do some more gardening.

In the afternoon I went down to the town & visited the dentist & had one tooth filled.

This evening I went to bed early to get some sleep in before my Road Patrol at mid-night

Tuesday, 15th April, 1947
Barclay and I set out in the howling wind on Road Patrol at midnight, soon after it began to rain so we joined the Prowler Guard in the dry.

Wednesday, 16th April, 1947
A very cold morning was chosen for me to be I.C. Convoy.

I sat in the front of the truck with the driver so the heat of the engine kept me alive.

Everything went smoothly from beginning to end.
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