Sunday, 30 June 2013

10th & 11th May, 1947 - Cake, escorting a big wig and a trip to some local heritage...

Saturday, 10th May 1947
Convoy. Bicknell I.C.


Jacob's Well, 1934 source:
I collected parcel from Aunt Daisy.  The cake it contained was in perfect condition but the icing was cracked & the tin dented beyond hope of further use.  I was charged 110 mills import duty.

I cut in [it] for my roommates & I at 8 this evening, they were as eager as I.

Sunday, 11th May 1947
Today I start a week of escort duty to the Superintendent of Police, Mr Middleton.

I have to report each morning at his office at 7.30.
This morning he told me I would not be required until 4 pm.

At 4 pm we went to the Horticultural Garden’s near Jacob’s Well.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

5th - 9th May 1947 - Lots of Convoy duty for Ron, another dental appointment and a little local produce...

Monday, 5th May, 1947
I was “I.C.” convoy today and after the trouble of yesterday as a result of the rain it went throughout the day very smoothly.
Tuesday, 6th May, 1947
B/C Bicknell took the command of the convoy today which may have accounted for the smooth trip we had.
Wednesday, 7th May, 1947
I am “I.C.” again today.
Jerusalem convoy was an hour late at Kilo. 41. we made up half an hour by the time we reached Jenin and the other half on the return journey.
Thursday, 8th May, 1947
Convoy.  B/C Bicknell I.C.

After Convoy today we went to the dentist and had the finishing touches put to our teeth which included scaling and polishing.

Friday, 9th May, 1947
Convoy.  Very hot but uneventful.  I was I.C.

I had my first fresh apricots today.  They are not quite ripe but in a week or so should see them so.
We obtained them from Walads standing in the side of the road as our convoy passed through one village.
Starting with a price of 50mils a dish we finally after several startings of the engine obtained them for 30mils.

B/C Bicknell & I decided to give up smoking today.  I wonder if we have will power enough.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

29th April - 4th May, 1947 - A bit of escort duty but generally a quiet time for Ron who turns to books and George Bernard Shaw!

Tuesday, 29th April 1947
Jerusalem, and the Police head quarters there, was the destination of a party including myself as escort, sent to collect the half yearly District Stores.
How a driver can find his way through the veritable maze of barbed wired roads I cannot imagine.
There were police checks everywhere with pill-boxes at every corner & stationary armoured cars at principal cross roads.
I did not see as many soldiers as I did last time only one or two at some check positions.

Wednesday, 30th April 1947
I was free from duties today but had to stand by as an available in case something unexpected turned up.

Thursday, 1st May 1947
This morning at 6 o’clock I took part in a road check outside the station.  One or two contraventions were taken otherwise the check was uneventful.

Friday, 2nd May 1947
Off duty today.

This means I had nothing to do but lie on my bed and read.
This makes the time drag, as the assortment of books I at the moment have does not improve matters.

Saturday, 3rd May 1947
The close thundery heat is upon us again making conditions rather irritable.  The flies seem to revel in it & swarm everywhere.  I am not on duty again today.  Personally I would rather be on duty as the time drags when one stays in the billet with very little to occupy the mind other than reading.  I have just bought Shaw’s “Man & Superman” and “Major Barbara.”

Sunday, 4th May 1947
Today starts a week of convoy duty for Bicknell & me.

Exposed to the Sun’s heat in the back of the truck am expecting to be very sunburnt by the week’s end.

There was a very heavy storm this afternoon with hail & thunder.  The hailstones ¼ of inch.

Monday, 3 June 2013

26th - 28th April, 1947 - Ron receives good news about a potential job and a good shake up along the Jiftlich track....

Saturday, 26th April, 1947
I was “I.C” Convoy today.

The weather was fine & we had a quite pleasant trip.

I got my application for an “I” Branch job back today.  I have been promised the first vacancy.

Sunday, 27th April 1947
Today the weather was rather warm with light breezes blowing.  I was off duty & spent my time in the billet which is about all there is to do in a place of such lack of social life.

Monday, 28th April 1947
Starting from the Police Station at 8 O’clock this morning, B/Cs Bicknell, McGill, Blondy (Driver) & myself took the Jiftlich track ‘En Route’ for Bey San[1].
Pioneers of Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv settle in Bet She'an, 1946
  This was not as it some [soon?] became evident, a very pleasant journey as although the road to Jiftlich is very rough in places, which was emphasised by the empty troop carrier truck , it was preferred to the smooth dusty sand of the road running parallel to the Jordan to Bey San.  The clouds of dust choked & blinded those of us on the back of the truck so that we had to tie our handkerchiefs around our faces bandit style.  The dust track gave way to the roughest road I have as yet travelled and which we feared would tear the new truck to pieces.  On arriving at our destination & fulfilling our business there we obtained permission to return to
Nablus by the main road which lay through some Jewish Colonies.
I received my pay today and hopes for ‘I’ Branch.

[1]Bey San or Bisan is now known as Bet She'an and was allocated to the Jews under the Partition arrangements at the end of the British Mandate.
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