Tuesday 7 May 2013

17th & 18th April, 1947 - A potential prison riot and another trip to the dentist...

Thursday, 17th April, 1947
The weather continuing pour (sic) changed to rain this morning so that we had to wear our great coats over our K.D.

A prisoner died a quite normal death in the Nablus prison this morning but one or two of his “lifelong” pals did not think it was natural & voiced their opinions, the A.S.P. of the Prison called in the Police as he thought a riot might ensue but nothing happened during the hour we were in the Prison so we left about 10.30am.
It has been a wrotten (sic) day all day but the rain is definitely what is needed for the fields.

Friday, 18th April, 1947
The weather became much brighter today after the wet spell.

I was not called on for duty so as it was still a bit blowy out I remained in the Barrack room.

In the afternoon I went to the Dentist & had two more teeth filled.  The equipment he has is very modern.  He told me he was trained in France.

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