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19th - 21st April, 1947 - Ron contemplates his career, goes hiking and finds out about local pests...

Garden of Tubas Police Station, 1947
Saturday, 19th April, 1947
This morning I went as escort to Inspector Coles on an inspection of Tubas Police Post.

On the return journey we conversed on many subjects & I asked him what chances there were of getting “I” (investigation) Branch.  He said there was a vacancy in Urban & that if I wrote an application he would speak to the A.S.P.

Sunday, 2oth April 1947
A lovely day today.

I was not called out for duty today so this afternoon Barclay, Bicknell, & Roe & I went for a hike which was more like mountaineering as we climbed the mountain behind the Station.

Monday, 21st April, 1947
I went as escort to a taxi this morning with us went the paymaster to a series of teams of men scattered between Tulkarm & Jenin who are destroying Locusts.  They told me a little of their work which I should think was very interesting.

A locust’s life can be split into 6 distinct parts.
The eggs are laid in a hole excavated by the parent 12 cms deep & 2 wide.  She deposits about 100 eggs which are long and thin, about 1 cm in length.  These hatch in about 20 days time.  The newly born locust is wingless.  After a few hours these turn black & continue to shrink in size.  They then in the third stage get yellowish stripes & begin hopping about after food.  During the following stagesthe locust gains colouring, wings & size.  They are destroyed, by Gammaine poisoned bran as bait, in the first three stages.

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