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14th - 16th April, 1947 - As they change to warm weather KD's the weather takes a turn for the worse!

Monday, 14th April, 1947
The first of the now regular parades took place at eight this morning on the ménage by the station.  We all paraded in our K.D.’s for the first time.  Khaki shirt with silver buttons, khaki
I'm sure this nis not really the style of Khaki Drill Uniform
 that Ron would have worn - but it gives the general idea...
shorts, boots, stocking tops & blue puttees.  After the parade we were told of a magazine booby trap recently found left by Jews.  I then went to the lock up elected two prisoners & took them to do some more gardening.

In the afternoon I went down to the town & visited the dentist & had one tooth filled.

This evening I went to bed early to get some sleep in before my Road Patrol at mid-night

Tuesday, 15th April, 1947
Barclay and I set out in the howling wind on Road Patrol at midnight, soon after it began to rain so we joined the Prowler Guard in the dry.

Wednesday, 16th April, 1947
A very cold morning was chosen for me to be I.C. Convoy.

I sat in the front of the truck with the driver so the heat of the engine kept me alive.

Everything went smoothly from beginning to end.

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