Monday 13 May 2013

22nd - 25th April, 1947 - Boredom, sunburn and a little nostalgia for Ron...

Tuesday, 22nd April, 1947
I was on convoy today.  Nothing very exciting happened during the run which perhaps is all to the good.

The sun caught my arms and knees and made them slightly red.

 Wednesday, 23rd April, 1947
For the second day in succession I was on convoy today.

Thursday, 24th April, 1947
This morning I went with two other chaps to the court with 5 prisoners.  We spent all the morning in the court.  Some of the time was very interesting but as the trials were in Arabic we could not follow very much.

From mid-night until 6am this morning I was on Prowler guard.  I heard Midnight in Frankfurt, reminiscent of Tatsfield days.[1]

In the afternoon I was on guard in the West Tower overlooking the cricket pitch.

Eric Carter was playing & bowled 4 out.  I chatted with him & he tells me he is not going back to the corporation.

[1] Before signing up to join the Palestine Police Ron worked at the BBC Engineering Measurement and Receiving Station in Tatsfield.  I don't recall much of what he told us about this except 'heterodyne' whistles being the high pitched tone you might hear when listening to the radio... oh, and playing Chess with other radio operators in far flung places.

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