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5th - 9th May 1947 - Lots of Convoy duty for Ron, another dental appointment and a little local produce...

Monday, 5th May, 1947
I was “I.C.” convoy today and after the trouble of yesterday as a result of the rain it went throughout the day very smoothly.
Tuesday, 6th May, 1947
B/C Bicknell took the command of the convoy today which may have accounted for the smooth trip we had.
Wednesday, 7th May, 1947
I am “I.C.” again today.
Jerusalem convoy was an hour late at Kilo. 41. we made up half an hour by the time we reached Jenin and the other half on the return journey.
Thursday, 8th May, 1947
Convoy.  B/C Bicknell I.C.

After Convoy today we went to the dentist and had the finishing touches put to our teeth which included scaling and polishing.

Friday, 9th May, 1947
Convoy.  Very hot but uneventful.  I was I.C.

I had my first fresh apricots today.  They are not quite ripe but in a week or so should see them so.
We obtained them from Walads standing in the side of the road as our convoy passed through one village.
Starting with a price of 50mils a dish we finally after several startings of the engine obtained them for 30mils.

B/C Bicknell & I decided to give up smoking today.  I wonder if we have will power enough.

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