Sunday, 30 June 2013

10th & 11th May, 1947 - Cake, escorting a big wig and a trip to some local heritage...

Saturday, 10th May 1947
Convoy. Bicknell I.C.


Jacob's Well, 1934 source:
I collected parcel from Aunt Daisy.  The cake it contained was in perfect condition but the icing was cracked & the tin dented beyond hope of further use.  I was charged 110 mills import duty.

I cut in [it] for my roommates & I at 8 this evening, they were as eager as I.

Sunday, 11th May 1947
Today I start a week of escort duty to the Superintendent of Police, Mr Middleton.

I have to report each morning at his office at 7.30.
This morning he told me I would not be required until 4 pm.

At 4 pm we went to the Horticultural Garden’s near Jacob’s Well.

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