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29th April - 4th May, 1947 - A bit of escort duty but generally a quiet time for Ron who turns to books and George Bernard Shaw!

Tuesday, 29th April 1947
Jerusalem, and the Police head quarters there, was the destination of a party including myself as escort, sent to collect the half yearly District Stores.
How a driver can find his way through the veritable maze of barbed wired roads I cannot imagine.
There were police checks everywhere with pill-boxes at every corner & stationary armoured cars at principal cross roads.
I did not see as many soldiers as I did last time only one or two at some check positions.

Wednesday, 30th April 1947
I was free from duties today but had to stand by as an available in case something unexpected turned up.

Thursday, 1st May 1947
This morning at 6 o’clock I took part in a road check outside the station.  One or two contraventions were taken otherwise the check was uneventful.

Friday, 2nd May 1947
Off duty today.

This means I had nothing to do but lie on my bed and read.
This makes the time drag, as the assortment of books I at the moment have does not improve matters.

Saturday, 3rd May 1947
The close thundery heat is upon us again making conditions rather irritable.  The flies seem to revel in it & swarm everywhere.  I am not on duty again today.  Personally I would rather be on duty as the time drags when one stays in the billet with very little to occupy the mind other than reading.  I have just bought Shaw’s “Man & Superman” and “Major Barbara.”

Sunday, 4th May 1947
Today starts a week of convoy duty for Bicknell & me.

Exposed to the Sun’s heat in the back of the truck am expecting to be very sunburnt by the week’s end.

There was a very heavy storm this afternoon with hail & thunder.  The hailstones ¼ of inch.

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