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11th - 13th April 1947 - Ron showing his continuing lack of prowess with a gun... and somehow Patrol turns into coffee time...

Friday, 11th April, 1947
It was very hot again today.

I was up at 5am this morning & went to the rifle range on the Jiftlich track.  I did not do very well on the firing.
It became terrifically hot there at 9 o’clock when ot came time for us to go.  We had to walk the two miles back & I cannot remember any two miles that so taxed our energy.

At twelve, midday, we had an arms inspection which was rather foolish I thought as the barrels had by no means fully contracted to their normal size.

This evening a cinema show “They were expendable” about the American Motor Torpedo Boats was put on in the club.  If it pays it is to be a regular thing.

Saturday, 12th April, 1947
I was on Prowler Guard today from midnight to 6am.  Nothing untoward happened.

Graham & Reilly left this morning to attend a wireless operators course in Jerusalem.
I packed parcel (2 films) to Aunt Daisy.

This evening I went on Road Patrol again principally to give me something to do.  Bicknell & I had another pleasant evening & chat at the Balata CafĂ©.  We received an invitation to attend a wedding in the village tomorrow.

Sunday, 13th April, 1947
On his inspection of the station a few days ago the I.G. was displeased with the state of the garden so all availables were asked this morning to join in weeding the plots.  We all did a share & revealed gravel paths which I did not know existed.

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