Tuesday 9 April 2013

1st - 3rd April, 1947 - April pranks and serious terrorist activity.

Tuesday, 1st April, 1947
This morning at 5 o’clock Jock woke me to watch Mountford.  He got up & washed and as usual dawdled about so that he had to hurry to get to the M/T yard by 5.30.
After he had been there about a quarter of an hour he went to look for the sergeant who unknown to him was in Lyda.  He came back to the billet in a thoughtful mood which was soon dispelled when he was confronted by our grins and laughter.

This evening I was on a road patrol with Graham from 7pm to midnight.  We took a wog in thinking we had a drunkard but he turned out to be the local mad man.

Wednesday, 2nd April, 1947
This morning I went to Sarona to bring back some recruits. " went to Urban Station

It is very hot at midday now & I hope we soon go into K.D.[Khaki Drill] shorts & discard our battle dress.

 Thursday, 3rd April, 1947
I was on duty at seven this morning as escort to an armoured car going to Acre to bring back the two murdered brothers whose 15 days remand has now expired.

We passed near Haifa and saw the oil still burning sending up a 50 feet thick column of
Haifa Oil Refineries
source: wikipedia 

When we brought the prisoners back we took them to court to receive further remand.  While there they had the audacity to ask for bail.

The Arabic lecture was quite good this afternoon.

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