Monday 8 April 2013

29th - 31st March - More cinema, escort duty and planning an April Fool...

Saturday, 29th March, 1947
I was not called on for duty today so I spent the time reading in a shaded place.

In the evening we, i.e. five of my pals & myself went to the cinema in Nablus to see an old Shirley Temple film called “Fantasy”.  It just shows how old the films here are as she is
now married, but she was only a little girl then.  Three of us sat through the Arab film which followed.  This film was typical of the Arab made, mechanical acting around a poor story.

Sunday, 30th March
This morning Mountford & I went on escort to a truck going to Jiftlich with a T.A.C.[Temporary Additional Constable] on transfer.  The 68 kilos of road is not made up so the dust curled up into the rear of the truck covering us all with a coat of dust.  The post is about 1000’ below sea level & is therefore hot.  There are no British personnel there & the Palestinians can only stand the temperature two months.

Monday, 31st March, 1947
Today I went with Graham as escort to the P.W.D. [Police Works Department(?)] pay truck.

We paid labourers in the Jenin Sub District.
While we were there we noticed a considerable darkening of the sky.
We were later told that the Jews had blown up an oil refinery in Haifa.  The burning oil caused this cloud of smoke travelling 10 to 15 miles inland.

Tonight the rest of my room mates & I decided to play an April Fools trick on Mountford tomorrow.  Before dinner we battoned him.

After dinner we told him he had to report for duty at 5.30 in the morning.  He believed us and booked an early call with the Prowler.

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