Monday 1 April 2013

21st - 23rd March, 1947 - A pretty relaxed weekend for Ron...

Friday, 21st March, 1947 
A very fine day today.

In the afternoon I played tennis and snooker & in the evening started to get the mail situation under control before going on Special Guard from 10pm to 2am.


Saturday, 22nd March, 1947 
Attention, Baldwin!
I was up and ready for work by 8.30 but the prisoner escort to Acre I was to do was cancelled.  I spent the morning writing letters.  In the afternoon I once more played tennis & snooker.
The 6pm to 10pm Special Guard Duty fell to my lot this evening.

While I was on this duty an identification parade took place.  A woman in a village had sold her land & the money was taken from her by two armed robbers.  One of two suspects was identified.

Sunday, 23rd March, 1947 
A lovely day which I spent in the barrack room and as a break in the morning played a short game of tennis.

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