Friday, 5 April 2013

27th & 28th March, 1947 - Ron goes out bothering the locals....

Thursday, 27th March, 1947
A lovely day but rather sultry.

In the morning Montford and I were called out as escort for the D.C. but when we reached his office we found he had gone to the Urban Station & took an escort from there, so we went to the club & played snooker there.  The afternoon & evening we spent in the barrack room.

The last couple of nights a hot wind has been blowing making everyone feel muggy & making sleep difficult.

Friday, 28th March, 1947
From midnight to 5am I was on a road patrol outside the station.  With Graham.  I did not see anybody until about 4 o’clock when a few shepherds & cowherds passed us.  We stopped and searched each one but they were not carrying any offensive weapons or any contraband.  I went to bed after breakfast and slept until lunch time.

In the evening I was called out on an escort to a truck going down the Jiftlich track to pick up a government truck with two punctures.

It was nearly dark & the deep gorge draped in shadows was an even more majestic thing than in daytime when the excessive heat and brightness show up the barrenness.

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