Monday 15 April 2013

4th - 6th April, 1947 - Easter weekend - no chocolate but a Mule Race!

Friday, 4th April, 1947
I was off duty this morning as I am on Prowler Guard at 6pm to 12pm.

'A square formed where five of the Sukh's
market roads meet in the old part of Nablus.
April 1947.'
The weather is very nice today with a steady breeze blowing.
I went down to the Sukh this afternoon to collect some snaps from a shop.  They came out quite well I though but plenty of room for improvement.[1]

I went on Prowler at 6pm & Inspector Pattles condemnation for reading my colloquial Arabic.

Saturday, 5th April, 1947

After nearly a month free from convoy duty I went on this trip today.  The job is not altogether unpleasant & apart from the exhaust fumes & the lack of a meal between 8am & 3pm I enjoyed the trip.

In the evening we went to the cinema & saw a, if not thee (sic) silliest film I can remember.  A fight every five minutes.  I should imagine it was one of the old serials.

Sunday, 6th April, 1947
Easter Sunday was spent very quietly in the Taggart.  It was a fine day but not too hot for Comfort.

In the afternoon a party of us went to an Army Camp at Nathania where we attended a Mule Race in which some of our members took part. 

Mule Racing for Palestine Police at Nathania, 6th April 1947

[1] I recently came across this blog in my researches where Danny has posted a sound recording of Nablus Sukh

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