Monday 8 July 2013

13th - 16th May, 1947 - More escorts, some rough cricket and a trip to the flicks...

Wednesday, 14th May, 1947
Today the S.P. & I went to Tulkarm & Jenin & back to Nablus by lunch time.  After lunch I watched the cricket match “on the ménage before the Police Station.”

Eric Carter played but the pitch was in so bad a condition the play was very poor.

Thursday, 15th May, 1947
I was not called upon for duty until 7pm to escort the SP to a house in the Ballad.  I returned to collect him at 9.15pm & got a puncture in the tyre so we had to change the wheel.

Friday, 16th May, 1947
Tulkarm & Camp 22 again occupied out time this morning but I was free of duty from 2pm.

In the evening I went to a cinema show in the club.  The film starred Fred Astaire in “Yolanda & the Thief”
The story was very peculiar but we all enjoyed it.

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