Sunday 28 July 2013

29th & 30th May, 1947 - Ron gets some welcome news...

Thursday, 29th May, 1947
I went as I.C. the Convoy today.  Even though sitting beside the driver in comparative comfort the heat was terrific.

After the duty we all went swimming & when we came back I joined a road check.
I want to get in a few contraventions so that I can go to court & get the court procedure off better.

Friday, 30th May, 1947
I was on convoy again today.

I heard on returning to the station that I have been posted as B/C. “I” at Tubas Police Post.  4 mounted and2 foot police are also going with me with Sergeant Blanks and Station Sergeant.

This came as a very pleasant surprise & I hope I shall be able to carry out the new duties I shall encounter.

I went to the cinema this evening to see “The Great Mr Ziegfield.”   It was very good.

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