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27th & 28th May, 1947 - Ron's on a charge...!

Tuesday, 27th May, 1947
Sergeant "Blanks"
Sergeant Blanks came over this morning to tell us Inspector Pattle wanted to see the 5 people on a charge.

We trooped over & hung about in the station for about half an hour, then we were called upon.  I was the first.
As is the fashion I believe the accused is marched in without headdress or arms.  I came to a smart halt before the station Officer’s desk.  He said “ you are charge with leaving your rifle unattended in your locker”  “Yes, sir.”  “Do you wish to be tried by me?”  “Yes, sir.”  “Have you any excuse?”  I offered as reason my going to the wash room to fulfil its construction.  He said this was reason but no excuse.  Then followed a brief lecture through which I swear he was smiling, then he told me he did not want to spoil my record on such a petty charge.  The same happened to the others.

Wednesday, 28th May, 1947
This morning I relieved Barclay on the Gate Guard from 9am to 12am as he had to go to court.

Swimming occupied the afternoon.  I read in the very hot barrack room this evening.  My book is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Wilde.

Inspector Pattel wanted me to take over the job of Sports Groundsman for the pending Sports meeting.    I however declined the offer as another chap I know wanted it more than I did.

This fellow was on Convoy duties so I took his place.

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