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31st May - 3rd June, 1947 - Ron and comrades move to Tubas and Ron is put i/c the catering...

Saturday, 31st May, 1947
Convoy again today. 
The weather is very hot still.

Sunday, 1st June, 1947
At eight this morning Ryan & myself collected two prisoners from the lock-up & took all the kit down into the M.T. yard ready for our departure to Tubas.  We left Nablus in the afternoon perched on top of a lorry laden with everything from Beds to Basins.  Inspector Coles & Sgt Gregory & a DDT B/C came with us.  We wetted(?) the station & put our kit straight before going to bed.

Monday, 2nd June, 1947

The cook brought around tea for us at 5 o’clock this morning.
The station is spotless so we had to make the British Section, which has been shut up for two years, just as clean.

It meant a great deal of water carrying & scrubbing but by the evening most of it was done.
Tubas Police Station

This evening I was appointed mess Caterer.

I think when we get settled down the station could be made ideal.

Tuesday, 3rd June, 1947
Up at 5 o’clock this morning again.  The mornings and evenings are quite cool & in the daytime our billet is very cool but outside the station it is very hot.

Sgt Blanks introduced me to the investigation Branch this morning.  It will be a while before I master the work but in time I hope to.

As a corollary I hope to improve my Arabic.

The Spinney’s manager arrived today with a few supplies so we wetted ourselves this evening.
Modern Tubas - well, 2006

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