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17th -19th May, 1947 - Ron's not enjoying the hot weather or the flies

Saturday, 17th May, 1947
I was not called on for duty by the S.P. today so I had to spend the time reading in the recreation room.

It was very hot today as it has been for the last two days as a result of the Kamseen wind.
Khamsin Wind, carrying sand and smothering the landscape...
Special thanks to Jim Wright for permission to use this phorotgraph.

Sunday, 18th May, 1947
Hot and stuffy this morning I was awakened not by a sergeant shouting H.O.P. or an alarm bell but by the damned flies crawling over my face.  I did not think it necessary to put up my net before.
“Bull shit” was the order of the day before the Quarterly inspection.  As I am on gate guard from 6pm – 9pm & 12 midnight to 3am, I hope to get off it.

Monday, 19th May, 1947
On the Gate Guards my duty is to take up my position in the Sanger at the gate to inspect any vehicles arriving at the gate before letting them enter or if civilian refusing them entry.
The constant watch carried out by the T.A.C. should also be carried out by the B.C. but it is frequently interrupted with the usage of an improvised seat in the Sanger.

The duty is rather dull & the rest of the day one feels very tired as owing to the heat it is almost impossible to sleep.

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