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24th - 26th May, 1947 - Chatting with the locals, a crash, a court case and Haifa...

Saturday, 24th May, 1947
This is my last day on Gate Guards.  I have talked a great deal with the various T.A.C.s [1] on with me & have both increased my knowledge of the language & the country.

Sunday, 25th May, 1947
I was called on this afternoon to escort Mr Proud to Tulkarm and beyond to the scene of a road accident of the day before involving a police truck & an army truck.  The wreck of the 15cwt was at Lajjun.  The engine and rear axle were all right the rest was not.  The driver was scratch less, the sergeant beside him had two ribs and an arm broken & of the four in the back 1 broken arm & a cut eye.

[1]TACs were Temporary Additional Constables drawn largely, but not exclusively from the Jewish community.

Monday, 26th May, 1947
I was up at 4 o’clock this morning with B.C. Ryan to go as escort to the military camp at Haifa.  We left Nablus at 5am.  We took two mounted police, the witnesses in the case, to the court and then went to Acre to collect the two brothers.  We took them to court where they both pleaded guilty.
Of course the judge was not interested in what they had done with the weapons so after hearing the “learned council” he sent them each to prison for 9 months.  They were both very happy about it.

The examining Magistrate’s court for their civil charges will be set up on Thursday.

After the court we spent 3 hours walking around Haifa.

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