Friday 13 September 2013

16th - 18th June, 1947 - Rough terrain training and Ron is surprised at local mores.

Monday 16th June, 1947
Nothing exciting happened this morning.
Our temperatures were however excited this afternoon by a cross country walk under that Jebal Basher Sargeant Blanks.
He kept us at a steady pace over valley and hill.  We had no water bottles so felt rather the worse for the heat when on the move.
We thought we were going to enjoy a lemon given to us by a villager but after taking off the peel we found the inside dried out.

Tuesday, 17th June, 1947
I went to court today with Masoud Shehadeh.
All the proceedings are given in Arabic and as the accused & witnesses were “fellahs” their Arabic was not as I had learned it.

What contrasting views on decency are held by the English and the Arabs.
A young woman appears in court, carrying her baby, to support her accused husband.  Her face of course is partially covered but apparently she is allowed to feed her child in public without any attempt at concealing her breast.

Wednesday, 18th June, 1947
The wireless was fixed up today by the wireless operator & I must admit most of us spent most of the day in the rather empty recreation room enjoying the music which we have not been able to have until now.

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