Monday 23 September 2013

21st - 24th June, 1947 - Ron gets a chill and then samples local hospitality

Saturday, 21st June, 1947
I woke early this morning & felt very ill.  For the following two hours I was continuously running to the bath room and being violently sick.  Diarrhoea
 also came on me.  I spent the day in bed on the Sargeant’s instruction.  I ate nothing all day & I felt much better in the evening & slept soundly in the night.
I put it down to reading for half an hour after return from patrol last night and lying on my bed with very little clothing on.

Sunday, 22nd June, 1947
I felt much better today so resumed my duties which as usual are very few.

Monday, 23rd June, 1947
I went to the office this morning but as there was very little to do I swotted a bit of badly needed Arabic.

I have learnt quite a deal of new Arabic but I am rather afraid it will not be enough for the exam next week. 

Tuesday, 24th June, 1947
Ryan and I went out for a walk this afternoon – we visited to Arab homes upon their invitation of “Fodul” as we passed.

They are very hospitable people these Arabs.  One family temporarily living in tents on land away from their village saw us coming a long way off & by the time we reached them they had brought mattresses to a shaded spot under a tree & had begun to brew coffee.  They consider it very bad if you refuse their invitation.  I think it would start a blood feud if we refused one & accepted his neighbour.

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