Tuesday 24 September 2013

25th - 27th June, 1947 - Ron has dealings with daggers...

Wednesday,25th June, 1947
Nothing outstanding today just one or two cases to be written off.

The A.S.P. “destroyed” two valueless court exhibits today.  One for P/Sgt & one for Sgt Blanks.  Daggers used in a murder case. [1]

Thursday, 26th June, 1947
This morning I spent in the office in the afternoon I went for a walk with Ryan.  We went down the Waddi Ein Faria and found it to be some of the most fruitful country I have met.  Pomegranates, bananas, apples, plums etc are all coming into season now.

Friday, 27th June, 1947
From midnight to 6am this morning Ryan, McShannon & I went for a semi Patrol- Walk.  We only stopped one truck which was carrying cattle.  No pedestrians were met until 5am we searched one or two & found one with a dagger.  A paltry offence but we took it in to please Sargeant.  We later searched a bus and took another dagger misdemeanour.

We went to bed and I got up at lunchtime after which meal I went to the office and started preparing the case files for the two offences of this morning.

[1] These were two shibriya daggers.  Ron's inverted commas around the word "destroyed" indicate that Ron actually kept them and brought them home.  They lived wrapped in cloths in his treasure box and he would occasionally take them out and show us the "blood stains".  I think now that these stains were probably oxidation of the blade rather than blood but as children we were horrified and fascinated in equal measure!

Click here or here for more details on ornamental shibriya daggers.

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