Monday 30 September 2013

3rd - 7th July, 1947 - One or two real cases for Ron to tackle...

Thursday, 3rd July, 1947
Sargeant Blanks took Ryan out for a Patrol this morning they went into unfrequented land towards Yasid village.  Up in the hills they found a small field of tobacco growing.  This illegal practice is not common so made a nice find for our gallants.  They may even bring in a small reward from the meagre customs.

Insert: small double negative of owl and person holding owl.

 [I've no idea why this was inserted into the diary at this point... Maybe Dad just wanted to keep it safe - Don't know who it's of either.] 

Friday, 4th July, 1947
My biggest case yet was reported this morning.

6 armed men attacked the two complainants who were coming from Trans Jordan with two horses laden with contraband.  The robbers took the horses & goods & made off with them.  We have caught one but not found the others yet.

Saturday, 5th July, 1947
I wrote up yesterday’s case today.
In a big station it is imperative to finish off a case file not let it drift for a day as is possible in a seven case a month station.

Sunday, 6th July, 1947
On the whole there has been plenty of work to occupy me during this last week.

This evening McShannon, Ryan, Blanks & I went on ambush patrol.  We just missed 5 contraband laden horses as the party had an advance guard who was challenged before it was realised a larger party followed.

Monday, 7th July, 1947
The real summer is here I should judge by the increased heat of late.  I perspire almost continuously.

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