Friday 27 September 2013

28th June - 2nd July, 1947 - Ron's swotting eventually pays dividends.

Saturday, 28th June, 1947

I went to the office and finished the two case files this morning.

This afternoon Ryan, McShannon and I went for another of our walks.

In the evening we played cards to pass the time.

Sunday, 29th June, 1947
We were paid today & Inspector Coles told me I may shortly be transferred back to Nablus as B/C “I” as there is not enough work for me to gain experience on.

Monday, 30th June, 1947
I went with Ryan to Nablus today.  Nothing particular in view just took some snaps in to be developed.

Tuesday, 1st July, 1947
Plenty of swotting to be done today.  I realise only too well how weak my Arabic is.

I can get my meaning over to the Arabs but it must be pretty awful sounding

Wednesday, 2nd July, 1947
After a great deal of mental exertion the day of the Colloquial Arabic Exam has arrived.

Myself , Ryan and McShannon took the exam which was so easy we all walked through it.

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