Wednesday, 18 September 2013

19th & 20th June, 1947 - Ron works hard and has an encounter with local wildlife.

Thursday, 19th June, 1947

This morning I went to the office and worked continuously until lunch time.  This was the most work I have done since I arrived here.

All the old case files which were due for destruction had to be checked and listed.  Also the result of the A.D.C. Court in Nablus yesterday had to be entered up.  The Tax Avoider was tried at the Ass District Commissioners office and fined £P.8.

Friday, 20th June, 1947
I went to the office as usual and did what little work there was to be done.

In the evening I accompanied Masoud Affendi the P/I in charge of the station on a so called Patrol.  The Corporal & another B/C & P/C went with us.  We walked about 1kilo when I stepped over a snake with a casual remark on its existence.  The Palestinians leapt out of the road to return to the scene with stones which brought death to the prisoner.  I little realised the black snake about the size of our Grass Snake was a deadly poisonous one.  We stopped a lorry and rode to our destination passing nothing en route.  We took tea in a café, searched one lorry load of corn then took another lorry & rode back to the station.

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