Thursday 12 September 2013

12th - 15th June, 1947 - Jebal bashing, a run in with a horseman, and a bit of paperwork...

Thursday, 12th June, 1947
I spent my time this morning in the office learning a little Arabic in preparation for the examination I intend to take at the beginning of next month.

This afternoon Sergeant Blanks, Ryan, McShannon & I went for a “jebal” bash.  We covered about 9 kilos over mountain & waddi by teatime.  The heat was annoying and thirst it caused.

Friday, 13th June, 1947
I had nothing in particular to do today after I helped the “enbachĂ©” to make out the weekly returns.

In the evening Ryan, McShannon & myself went out on a road check.
We took our positions at 9pm & saw no-one until 9.40 when a lone rider came galloping out of a lane onto the cross roads we were checking.  We called upon him to halt but he only turned his horse & galloped in the direction from which he had come.  Ryan fired two shots over his head but he still refused to stop therefore we soon lost him.

Saturday, 14th June, 1947
I went to Nablus on the truck this morning to get supplies for the mess.  After I had settled this I joined the Inspector & his men in the court.

Sunday, 15th June, 1947
This morning I wrote up the results of the trials yesterday in their respective case files.

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