Wednesday, 30 January 2013

11th and 12th January, 1947... Weekend parades and leisure time - Ron spends some time in the company of the locals...

Saturday, 11th January, 1947
Turned out for P.T. as usual, most decided not to, also as usual.  Sgt Palfreman rounds up culprits & orders extra parade on Sunday.  On parade he admits there should have been no P.T.  Extra Parade cancelled – laughs from slackers.  Press on regardless.

Afternoon free, spent idly in Barrack Room.  Spent evening talking to Bob in his bunk room, consequently not in bed when lights were put out.  Too bad.  Had letter from Joyce.

Sunday, 12th January
'Seated around the meal bowl the boy
 on the right has just taken up a handful
 of rice which he rolls into a ball and
puts into his mouth.
In the fireplace in the fore
the coffee pot is set to boil.'
'Seated in a Bedouin tent.
The common bowl has fed everyone
 down to these squatting boys.'
Got up 7.  Left camp at 10 with Bob & Bill Simkiss on Jeval Bash.  Went to Horsla Village 5 miles from station.  Talked and photographed Bedouin en route.  Coffee with Mohtar – looked round village & returned on invitation to Mohtar’s for dinner.  Unleaven bread size of 12” diameter plates, dish of chips & 3 hard boiled eggs each.  Dish of olives very salty & horrid but as to refuse this Arab delicacy would insult – host ate as many as could.  Meal too much, much loosening of belts.  Continued 4 miles to Shafa Amr back to station by truck.

Wrote home in evening (2) [Ron has started numbering his letters home...]  Told of blowings up by Jews & riots by Arabs in Haifa.  Some saw it.

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