Saturday 19 January 2013

2nd January , 1947 - In which Ron arrives at Shafa Amr Police Station...and hears some unsettling rumours

Thursday, 2nd January, 1947
This morning I was awakened at six fifteen, which was earlier than usual as I had one or two things to do before leaving Jenin.

After a hasty wash and a good breakfast I finished packing & assembled with the others on the square at 08.30.  Our truck was difficult to start at first but we moved off at 9.20 in the rear of the column.  We arrived at Shafa Amr at 11.30.  After lunch we sorted our baggage.

The camp is small, by[for] a Taggart, and has just been taken over from the Army, so is in a pretty bad state.  I hope the rains do not set in before the paths are remade or it will be mud everywhere.

I began a letter home this afternoon.  This evening there was an alert in camp as there had been several blowings up about a couple of miles away.  All was quiet again at 9.30 though several roads remain mired.  Rumours say an army camp armoured car and two lorries, but nothing official, were blown up.

After “hostilities” had ceased I went with Graham to partake of a supper of eggs , chips & tomatoes.  Lights out 10.30 pm….

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