Monday, 21 January 2013

3rd January, 1947 - As a result of recent terrorist activity the new arrivals fortify the Camp

Friday, 3rd January, 1947
Sergeant sleeps in a cubical in corner of our hut.  He woke us after quiet night at 6.15am.  We spent the morning strengthening the camp defences by placing additional barbed-wire around the perimeter.  

"February 1947
Myself on the veranda
rail of one of the barrack huts in
Shafa Amr Depot .
Haifa Port is on the slopes of the Hill
 in the background rising
from the plain."

Three search lights have also arrived.  Very hot today, too hot for work really.  In the afternoon we continued defence precautions.  Three of our chaps who were ex-service were granted a Tomson M.C each.  [I think Dad means Thompson Machine Gun - the ' Tommy Gun']  Ken Landsdowne arrived in the Taggart for 2 days.

Bob M told me the Jews used flame throwers in the army camp they attacked last night, and that an officer and B.C. [British Constable] were killed in the armoured car.

I sent a letter home today.

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