Thursday 17 January 2013

December, 1946 - Jenin Camp

Evidently, basic training was a busy affair as Ron made no entry in his diary notebook throughout the rest of December 1946.

One or two photos though from that time.
Clockwise from top: 
"Myself, Hunt(Devon), Eade, MacVity
Taken on steps of Canteen
in Jenin Training Depot."

(Check back in a few days - If I can I'll get a better reproduction of these photos - and then remove this comment!)

December 1946 - The Mosque in Jenin Village

December 1946 Jenin

"December 1946
Jenin Camp
Sergeant Wilson
the first sergeant
this recruit had."

Dad recommences his journal some three and a half weeks after his last entry on board ship,   in a University Desk Diary f0r 1947 starting the next entry on 1st,  January, 1947.

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