Friday 25 January 2013

7th January, 1947 Mud everywhere

Tuesday, 7th January, 1947
Drill, L.M.G. Lecture on Superior Officers. 

I gave a lecture on philately as my contribution to a series of lectures given by all members of the squad. To get them used to public address which will be necessary if they are called to give evidence in a court of law.

Mud remains everywhere in camp & the Barrack room with its twenty occupants looks more like a ploughed field than cement floor.

In the afternoon we received instruction on the Pistol & T.M.C. also drill which was very poor.

This evening I wrote to Mr Moran.

I received a letter from home written by Dad.

The Barrack Room floor this evening was a terrific mix up of bodies and L.M.Gs.  Which was doing what to whom I do not know but somewhere someone was practising loading and unloading the darned thing.

I with 10 others was informed this evening that from tomorrow I shall be attached to Sergeant Blanchard[1] squad.  Good or Bad?  Who knows?

[1]181 Thomas Wilfred Blanchard  2/B/Sgt  Born 18.5.1927    served from 28.2.1946    PMF A&T Jenin -Haifa   25.5.1948     
Information suppliedby Palestine Police Old Comrades Association

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