Friday 18 January 2013

1st January, 1947 - New Year in Jenin

Wednesday, 1st January, 1947
Today was a holiday in Jenin Camp.  Light showers in the morning.  Most of the day I spent playing Pontoon.  I was about 50mils[1] in.  In evening I went to see the film “Gentleman Jim” a tale of Corbett’s boxing career.

Late in the evening I packed as much as I could ready for our transfer to Shafa Amr, just north of Haifa.

I met Eric Carter in the Canteen this evening; he is at Jenin Taggart or Police Station[2].  He has just finished his training in the camp.  He says the life there is first rate.

Bloomfield is not going with me tomorrow.

I received my first letter from home yesterday & will write when I find what my new address will be; what a relief & feeling of satisfaction & content that accompanied it.

[1]   The currency used during the Mandate was the Palestine Pound, £P, which was split into 1000mils – so 50mils was about 5p… he was a reckless gambler, my dad!

[2]     Taggart, or more correctly Tegart, was the nickname given to Police Stations designed by Sir Charles Tegart in 1938.  They were fort-like constructions of concrete with their own water supply designed to withstand a siege of up to a month.  Many were built to the same basic design especially along the border with Lebanon and Syria and at strategic ponts within Palestine.

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