Wednesday 23 January 2013

6th January ... Ron is still a bit under the weather, literally... but manages to turn out for machine gun training.

Monday, 6th January, 1947
Woke this morning with throat still sore.  
Received instruction on T.M.C [Thompson(?)] and L.M.G [light machine gun(?)].  Also a lecture on Political Palestine.  Mud everywhere but rain ceased after heavy showers during night.  Very cold wind blowing all day.  Arab tailor measured up K.D. [Khaki Drill] uniform this afternoon.

In spare time left over, Sergeant Cass[2] decided native labour in the camp was short and that we should build a stone track from the barrack room to the mess. 

We were told this evening that training uniform would include Denham coat after very cold morning.  This is first time [a] coat has been used as uniform.  
Jebels in Jordan

Drizzling with rain again tonight.  I can see this in the very strong searchlight beam which occasionally passes over our hut on its journey across the Jebels[1] for three mile radius.

[1] Jebels are rugged hills or mountains created through erosion by water and the wind...

[2]480   7795  John William ‘Joe’ Cass 2/B/Sgt
Born 6.8.1926   Commenced service 3.4.1946 PMF A&T-  Gaza 18.5.1948 transferred to Kenya Police; 
Died 17.5.2007  Information suppliedby Palestine Police Old Comrades Association

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