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Monday, 13th January, 1947 - heavy rain and tempestuous times

Monday, 13th January, 1947
It started raining during the night & the camp was as good as flooded when we awoke this morning.  Fortunately, the larger of the rocks used in marking the roadway were still above water so we kept fairly dry of foot when we went to the dining hall for our breakfast.  It has rained and hailed periodically all day.  No parade, work in barracks.

Heard officially of last night’s disturbances in Haifa.  A Jew, in Police uniform, drove an army truck loaded with explosives into the M.T. yard of the Police Headquarters.  He dismounted and made to leave the station.  He was challenged by a Temp. Addit. Policeman[1] whom he fooled by pointing over his shoulder to two imaginary sergeants.  He hit T.A.C. when off his guard and ran away.  T.A.C. discharged four rounds after him which aroused the station.  The security officer ordered the 120 in the station to their safety positions in time before the truck went up killing 3 British and 3 T.A.C’s.  There is always a petty rising among the wogs[2] after a blow up.

Letter from home.

[1] T.A.C. were Temporary Additional Constables drawn from the Jewish community
[2] I refer the reader to my discussion of racist language in the first post of this blog

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