Tuesday 29 January 2013

9th & 10th January, 1947 - Life is all about guns... and a bunch of letters from home.

Thursday, 9th January, 1947
Quite nice weather to start with today but a bit showery during morning.  Drill & Law.  Very interesting.  Firing T.M.C. (I've found out what TMC stands for: Thompson Machine Carbine*) & Notebook use.

At lunchtime, to my surprise & pleasure I received four letters.  From:  Mrs Catley, Miss Wilson, Mum and Joyce.

'Blanco, 1947'
Received more square bashing this afternoon & instruction on  L.M.G. stripping.  I have come to the conclusions Sergeant Blanchard is quite a good chap.

This evening there was a general meeting in the Canteen to discuss sport arrangements.  At last organisation lifts its shining head.

In my turn I organised my mail tonight & wrote to Joyce.  Will post it & Mr Moran’s tomorrow.

Friday, 10th January, 1947
P.T. this morning very awakening.

Light showers at lunch time but cleared off after lunch.  Received letters from Aunt Rosa & from David.

Usual lectures during day.  Bob loses his Postmanship as he has too much to do otherwise.  Wrote letter home tonight (1).

*Thanks to www.machinegunboards.com

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