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15th & 16th January, 1948 - Where to find water and decent kitchen staff..

Thursday, 15th January, 1948
This morning my two friends and I were up at seven o’clock.  We went out in search of water for a wash and a shave.  We visited every washroom we knew of in our billet without success.  In despair we decided to have breakfast first then perhaps to obtain some form the cookhouse.  This also failed but the cook was able to direct us to a source of supply which was a tap set out in an open place.  We now needed something to convey it in to a suitable place for a wash and shave.  The only container we could find was an empty tin for fifty cigarettes.  Needless to say our ablutions were of a “lick and promise” nature this morning.

Our first duty was allotted to us this morning.  This took the form of an escort to headquarters to bring back a lorry-load of barbed wire for strengthening the camp defences.  Fortunately before lunch the water in the camp was turned on so that we could have a shave in comfort now.
The afternoon and evening were psent idly, the former in the recreation room the latter at the cinema.
We met a friend who used to be with us in Nablus and is now employed in the “Records Office in H.Q.”  I have resolved to enquire into the likelihoods of the granting of a transfer to this section.

Friday, 16th January, 1948
A muster Parade was held this morning at nine and for about the twenty fifth time since I have been in the force I gave my name, number and rifle number to a sergeant who noted down similar particulars of all present.
The mess is a little better today than it was yesterday, the result no doubt of removing the “cook” from office.  The “mess boys” were unwisely chosen by the powers that be but I think with a little patience on the part of my fellow B/Cs we should be able to organise the present chaos.
I with a few others we called upon this morning to utilise the wire we had brought yesterday.  We blocked up all holes in the perimeter fence and greatly strengthened the whole.
Table tennis seems to be the principal form of recreation here and today I spent a considerable amount of time on games.
We still have not been told what duties we are to perform.

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