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22nd & 23rd December, 1947 - There is a shortage of men and Ron has to shift himself to get things done.

Monday, 22nd December, 1947
This morning there were no escorts to take my prisoners to court.  This meant I had to dash around at the last moment trying to get an escort.  First I phoned the M.T. section up and they said they would supply a truck right away.  I then made haste to the Billet to wake men who had been on duty up to midnight.  Such men are excused duty up to about 8.30am.  Those on duty after midnight are excused the whole of the following morning.  I managed to get two out of bed who should have been up & dressed.  The court starts at nine we arrived about 9.30.  We then found that another prisoner was wanted so I took one of the chaps, borrowed Salphit’s car and dashed back to the station to make out another release from prison order for this additional prisoner.  I was rushing around all morning on escort duty myself as we could not get enough men to form an escort.
The S.P. payed the station a visit this afternoon, pulled everything to pieces but put a very kind entry in the inspection book.  After he had left B/I Pattle decided to give us another lecture but failed hopelessly when B/I Coles came in and told him he should not go down the Sukh.

Tuesday, 23rd December, 1947
After the S.P.’s little chat yesterday I decided to start putting my house in order as he promised another visit within a few days when he expects to find everything in the station, and especially my charge register, up to date.  I went through the whole of the charge register from the Beginning of the year and filled in all the points that were missing.  These are not important points – only such things as “date investigations were completed”  “date referred to Magistrate.”
The Charge Room
This afternoon a letter came from Division telling me to make a summary of all the statements recorded in a Road Accident case in which proceedings had been instituted.  This is quite a big job and to top it in bold letters was written “TREAT AS VERY URGENT”  I immediately set to work on it and by 5.15pm had half completed it.  Then it suddenly flashed into my mind that I was on gate guard at 6pm.  Owing to the shortage of men all employed staff have to do at least one night duty a week.  I have been granted the privilege of the 6pm – 12pm as this does not interfere with my work.

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