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13th - 16th December, 1947 - A general telling off is in order from the S.P. and Ron is shocked by heavy-handed practices of Palestinian colleagues

Saturday, 13th December, 1947
Sunday, 14th December, 1947
No Entries

Monday, 15th December, 1947
The Superintendent called all available Police to a lecture in the club this afternoon.  Apparently two C.I.D. men on Saturday evening had gone to the only hotel in Nablus and became a bit more merry than was good for them.  On leaving the Hotel they had their pistols stolen from them.  Fortunately the Mayor came to the assistance again and got them returned.

The S.P. gave us a lecture on being too complacent in our attitude.  He put the Palestine Hotel out of bounds and sayed that if a case arose where a rifle or pistol was taken from a B/C in a café all cafés would be put out of Bounds.

Tuesday, 16th December, 1947
A wanted man was arrested this morning and charged and cautioned in the office.  He was then sent under escort of one Palestinian to the Lock-Up where unconvicted prisoners are lodged.  This Lock-Up is about 100yds from the Station and when waiting outside the door, as it can only be opened from inside, the prisoner bolted.  The Palestinian escort could not run fast & the prisoner being a young chap had a good start.  One of my “I” Branch men was stood at the Station gate and ran after him.  The prisoner soon covered the 200yds across the flat and slowed down when he began to climb the rocky mountain the “I” man caught him and the escort then came up.  These Palestinians can be cruel at times and they beat the poor prisoner something cruel pushing him back so that he fell to the ground five times.  He was also forced to go through a prickly pear hedge.

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