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17th & 18th January, 1948 - A trip to the "Y" and Ron gets to grips with his smalls.

Saturday, 17th January, 1948
This morning I went to the “Y.M.C.A.” in the heart of the city.  The building is a marvellous construction with a tower in the centre and domed wings on the main building.  I have been told that it was built by an American millionaire and is the largest Y.M.C.A. building in the world.
I visited the library there and found it to be an excellent collection of books.  Also there is a swimming bath and a gymnasium but I did not see these.
Also today I learn that we in this camp or billet are to be known as “The 1st Guards Company.”
Such stupidity on the part of the powers that be must only go to show that the days of the British as Police in this country are surely finished.


Sunday, 18th January, 1948
Sunday is never treated as a religious day of rest through the general mass of the force here, but it is noticeable that a Sunday morning is very different to any other morning in the week.  There is a general atmosphere of quiet and calm about a room or street which is not present on a weekday.
For myself today I was very energetic in that I did some washing.  I started by washing some handkerchiefs and a pair of socks and later ventured upon a vest and a towel.  I was very pleased with the results of this labour and as the local laundry is exorbitantly dear I shall continue my washing in fine weather, of small articles anyway.
A Detail was published this afternoon of the duties we shall all be on during the coming week.  I am with two others on guard at the Public Works Department’s Workshops.

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