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30th & 31st December, 1947 - Ron resumés a year crime, then sees the old year out...

Tuesday, 30th December, 1947
After my absence from work yesterday I had to set about putting the house in order.  It is surprising how the work can accumulate in such a short period.
One thing I was pleased over today I found the case I have been missing in my yearly resumé.

The Club purloined my table this afternoon to prepare it for the New Years do tomorrow evening.

This evening at seven it started to rain very heavily but it was only to be a shower.

Wednesday, 31st December, 1947
I finished as much as I could at the office today ready for the closures of the year.

The Resumé of Crime does not show a great decrease in crime for the year.  Att. Murders have risen astoundingly but other crimes generally show a decrease.

I went with the chaps to the club this evening.  We were rather early so first played a game of “Snooker.”  When we had finished it we went to the dance room, which is used as a table tennis room.  At the far end a fine buffet was arrange[d], the tables heavily laden with beautifully prepared foodstuffs.  After 9pm the bar was made free.  I was interested in the dancing though the floor was rather crowded.  People from all over the district came to the party.  The Jenin Dept Dance Band provided the music.  At the hour we sang the old year out and the new year in.  After the Hand shaking and good wishing all around the party soon broke up and I for one retired looking forward eagerly to  what will come in the New Year and wishing it to be as good as the old and perhaps better.


2.m.     slate blue
3.         light green
4.         rose
4.         puce
5.         orange
6.         green
7.         red
Now I may be wrong but I think
this list refers to stamps that Ron has
bought for his collection.

7.         purple
8.         brown
8.         red
10.       grey
13.       blue
13.       bistre
15.       blue
20.       olive
50.       puce
90.       bistre
100.     light blue
200.     purple

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