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21st & 22nd January, 1948 - Ron's settling into guard duty routine, makes some observations about the locals and contemplates the future..

Wednesday, 21st January, 1948
How quickly one gets into a routine as my life at the moment is.  Every day since we started the guards has been veritably the same.  In detail, small incidents have been different but the order of things is very constant.
The plumbers started on the restoration of our sanitary installations today.  The water is now so plentiful that the tank is overflowing onto the washroom floor.
There was nothing in the way of firing or explosions during the periods I was on guard today.  This afternoon, so I was told, two Arabs were shot dead on a road which runs parallel to our Static Point, probably as a result of this tomorrow evening will be more active.
I had long conversations with the R.A.F. Regiment guards on the road block outside the P.W.D. this evening.  This all helps to make the duties seem shorter, a thing I like very much.

Thursday, 22nd January, 1948
French Jewish Gold medallist
 Micheline Ostermeyer
As this working with Jews is new to me I find it at times rather embarrassing.  In the short time I have been here I have talked with several Englishmen and several Jews whom I have mistaken for Englishmen.  This mistaken identity could lead to misunderstandings if one did not guard ones conversation.
What pettiness exists between the Arabs and Jews.  Arabs refuse to work with Jews because they are Jews.  The Lebanese Govt. announces their delegation to the Olympic Games will not take part in the Games if the Jewish Flag is flown.
It is all this dribble that is aggravating the already tense atmosphere here in the Near East.
A commission has just arrived here from England to recruit men from the Force into the Police and Prison Services at home.
I have no idea what I shall do but whatever it is I intend to settle to it as my career.  This is my principle trouble I do not wish to take employment where I may leave after a year.  The job I want, and what it is I do not know, is one that I can set my heart & brain to.

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