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27th - 29th December, 1947 - Ron has his theory about the recent the lack of crime... and is put in charge of a Bren Gun.

Saturday, 27th December, 1947
There has been no crime reported for several days now.  This does not lead me to think the inhabitants have all turned over new leaves but rather that they are adopting the same attitude with the Police as with the Tax Collector, who cannot collect his blood money for he is told “We have our own government now, why should we pay taxes to the old.”
The villagers are now probably solving their own crimes as the[y] always have to an extent, without telling the police.  Villagers generally have always been little help in solving crime with the Police.

Sunday, 28th December, 1947
I did not rise at an early hour this morning as it is Sunday.  I lay in bed until I am just in time to get breakfast if I do not shave then I come back and shave then see to my laundry for the week or have a haircut.  I usually look into the office to see no outstanding crime has been reported during the morning.  Today I was busy with the crime resumé for the year.

Monday, 29th December, 1947
This morning I was up at 6.30 and in the Station at 7.30 to hand a court exhibit to my staff to take to court.  I had to hurry back to the billet after this to go with a party to the rifle range on the Jiftlich track to fire an annual musketry course (disguise for using up surplus rounds in H.Q.)  Not as many chaps seem to be I am not at all interested in the arts of riled firing.  I am very mediocre a shot and this may be the reason for my disinterest as I cannot enter into competition with my mates.  At this time of year it is a day wasted as all the yearly returns have to be done.  In my resume of crime for the year one case under “Other Larcenies” is being very Pimpernelish in the degree of its evasiveness.  I have now been nearly two days trying to find the error in the figures.
Bren Gun
To night I set about answering my Christmas mail as I am on “Stand by” duty which means I am armed with a Bren Gun and stay in my room ready in case anything happens.

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