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27th & 28th January, 1948 - On guard again Ron manages to sort out the Army - then gets 'decorated.'

Tuesday, 27th January, 1948
A bitterly cold morning, I spent this morning on guard.  The Royal Artillery men who are doing a twenty four hour check on the road which passes us are fortunate in only working two hours on followed by four hours off.  They thus have a chance to recover the heat lost in the two hours on.
This week’s static is much less boring than was last week’s as there is an almost continuous flow of traffic on the road & pavement.  My friend and I chat to the soldier who is checking pedestrians’ passes as they enter the zone.  Occasionally he meets with an obstical (sic) for with his “muckers” he knows next to nothing of the Arabic language, we are then able to sort out the trouble for him.
One of my friends took quite seriously a comment I made at dinner to the effect that he sponsored a trip to the cinema for my guard friend & I.  He producing the necessary money was surprising and very pleasing for with the greater number of chaps in camp I have for a change reached the stage of being “broke.”

Wednesday, 28th January, 1948
(He mentioned Mules -  I can't resist posting this one again...)
The plans I had made for this morning had all to be cancelled when workmen arrived to distemper the barrack room.  They did the walls and the ceiling and the greater part of the floor with a pleasant yellow wash.  It took us the rest of the morning to remove that portion on the floor and windows.  The doors have been painted green and although bare of any wall adornments the room is now looking at least respectable.
I was working the evening shift today from 2pm to 10pm with a break for dinner.  After this break I went into the actual buildings of the Socony Vacuum for the first time.  I also entered the stables where 21 mules are housed.  I had a long and interesting chat with the Groom who was very pleased to find an Englishman who could speak Arabic.  He has been on night-work for about ten years so probably has not spoken to many Englishmen anyway

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