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14th and 15th January - Quiet days for Ron... learning Arabic and Army expectations.

General Richard Gale

Tuesday, 14th January, 1947
Rain Continues.  No Parardes.  Lecture by General R. Gale O.C. 1st Division of army in Palestine.  He talked to us on the reasons for the army and its duty in Palestine & what it wanted from the Police.  Very little happened today.  I wrote to Mrs Catley this evening – also Miss Wilson.

Wednesday, 15th January, 1947
Not Raining this morning so Parades continued as normal.  Did not rain all day.  Our first Arabic lesson[1] today.  After lunch, as recreational training we went for a five mile cross country route march up over the jebels, under Serg. Cass as guide.  Wrote to Dave.

[1]Dad always blamed his acquiring of Arabic for the deterioration of his grasp of French!  He clung on to a few phrases of Arabic which he would sprinkle into conversation.  My knowledge of Arabic is non-existent however and so in order to repeat them here I rely on phonetic representations... "Inshallah" - meaning "God willing" and " "A'halin musa'halin mor u'haputein" for which I have no definition.  If any reader with a knowledge of Arabic can hazard a translation I'd be grateful!

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