Friday 29 November 2013

8th - 12th December, 1947 - Documentation seems to be causing all manner of problems, but the cinema show must go on...

Monday, 8th December, 1947
Nothing very exciting happened today.  I received a letter from court requesting me to return a warrant of arrest issued in 1945.  After looking for it everywhere I gave up in despair and was beginning to visualise seven days pay going when one of the Palestinians informed me that the man was wanted for civil debt.  These are held by the Station Officer.

Tuesday, 9th December, 1947
Within the last few days there has been a file purge throughout the Police world.  All files of military court cases & of a Political nature have been sorted out & sent to H.Q.  I think that the Gov. is afraid the results of these cases would be a slight on the British abroad if they were made public.

Correspondence files and the like have gone to make large bonfires in preparation for Exodus.

Wednesday, 10th December, 1947
Thursday, 11th December, 1947
No entries

Friday, 12th December, 1947
I volunteered to go on the patrol to Tulkarm to bring the Cinema Operator to the Club as he is a Jew and cannot travel without escort.  We passed three Arab road blocks.  By combining to block all the windows and doors of the “rekky” car with our bodies we managed to hide our passenger and to prove we were police.  If the Arabs had known we had a Jew on board we would no doubt have had to fight our way out.

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