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12th & 13th April, 1948 - Settling to life on board - swinging hammocks on deck.

Monday, 12th April, 1948
We are now getting settled down to our temporary home.  The messing is good and the sleeping which we do in hammocks on deck, is passable.  These are the main things, for the others we manage.  Toilets if hurried are completed every morning early.
For recreation we can walk the decks or lie on them with a book or just lie talking.  Over the inter-com system we get musical programmes and the news and in the late evening some of the ships crew get out their instruments for a sing song.
The Police are wandering around trying to use all 2nd class facilities but so far I think the only ones who have escaped the Red Caps detection are those in civilian garb who use the 2nd class lounge.
The sea has been like a mill pond all day and this morning we saw an island off the coast of Crete.

Tuesday, 13th April, 1948
Every night now the population of deck sleepers increases.  The chaps are beginning to realise the advantages of sleeping up in the clean open air.
Recreation facilities are becoming routine.  For myself I read and talk with my immediate friends.  Over the loudspeakers we get a half hour of “swing” music in the morning followed by a “Quiz” and a half hour of light classical music in the evening.  Otherwise the loudspeaker shouts for certain people to report to other certain people.
In all, up to now the voyage has been a continuously pleasant relaxation.
Valletta Harbour, Malta, 1948
This evening while I was in the ships cinema the ship pulled in to Valetta Harbour.  After the cinema I walked the decks looking out upon the Harbour lights.  I wish I could have seen it by day for in the half light it was attractive to see.

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